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Mother by Sixth H.H. Dalai Lama - Drukmo Gyal
Evolve, Self-Empower & Rise 


Hello! I'm Krishine, the light-hearted energy healer, psychic medium, spiritual mentor and healer's healer who means serious business.

I can help you navigate through significant life transitions, unveil profound new perspectives, nurture healing, and aligning with your True Self for a conscious and fulfilling life.


Your noble path does not need to be walked alone. Allow your heart to open for The Universe to work its magic now. 

Any of these sounds familiar?


Seeking for clarity and neutrality of
higher perspectives, depth, insights, and truths? 


Having difficulty letting your True Spirit shine through? It’s time for an energetic makeover!


In need of support, healing, and guidance in significant life changes/experiences? 
E.g.: The passing of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, corporate to healing industry career transitions, spiritual ascension, etc.


Desiring to live a joyful, purposeful, and abundant life in harmony with The Universe - The Real Big Boss?


Longing to break free from old cobweb patterns, limiting habits, or challenging beliefs that you can’t shift your life gears out of? 


Searching for fun and practical guidance on how to share your extensive healing gifts/modalities as a professional healer?

What you may need is a 

to share guidance, support, and wisdom
through your Journey of Self-Empowerment


Spiritual Mentorship

Blessed with over a decade of experience, many entrusted me to guide, support, and facilitate healing sessions with various spiritual modalities. 


In this empowering and exclusive programyou'll experience 12 private sessions (bi-weekly, 120 minutes online/in-person), each personalized to your current life situations and aspirations.

Together, we'll focus on aligning with your Highest Self, gaining profound insights, clarity, and balance for manifesting your dreams into reality!

Supporting You With

  • Tea, cookies, and a good laugh!
    Serious spiritual healers/mentors have funny bones too! 

  • Embodied wisdom.
    I share what I have personally experienced only.

  • Practical tools & teachings for you to access your inner wisdom and infinite potential.
    Super easy! You already know it, but just need to do it!

  • Readings and/or energetic healing sessions aim to address blockages and limiting beliefs that hinder you from manifesting the life you desire. 
    This is the fun part where YOU get to do the actual healing work! 

  • Support on integrating, alchemizing, and embodying your unique gifts and connections with your Highest Self & Spirit Guides.
    Polish up until you shine bright like a diamond!

  • Expressing yourself authentically as a healer.
    You are a POWERFUL CREATOR. The world’s your oyster!

  • Intuitive & psychic guidance 
    The Spirit Team can be quite chatty sometimes!

  • Mediumship & Channelled Spirit Messages from the Divine
    Depending on what Santa Universe has in store for you.


" With her compassionate and never judgmental energy,
Krishine facilitated a session that brought me the closure I have sought for 40+ years.
For the first time in my life, my heart is no longer heavy and weighted down by grief and remorse.
I am finally feeling lighter, forgiven, and even with a renewed sense of love I have always sought for,
but didn’t know I needed.
Krishine's intuition was spot on. Her chosen and spoken words to communicate what was needed to be said gave me the closure I needed to move on, mentally and spiritually.
I will always be forever thankful for Krishine, for her genuine compassion. "

Cecila Yu - Mindfulness Teacher, USA

Ready to Evolve & Rise? 
Start with a free 20-min
Self-Discovery Session

Hello, is it me you are looking for?   ♪ ♫ ♬

In this 20-minute heart-to-heart session, share your challenges and what your soul truly yearns for. You will receive...

  • Deep insights about your current situation

  • Powerful and effective transformation tools 

  • Feel empowered to be the conscious creator of your life

Schedule your free 20-minute Self-Discovery Session to embrace your Truth and live a fulfilling life!

Tarot Card Reading_5.JPG

Feeling Blind As A Bat?
Unveil & Explore The Truth with Intuitive Tarot Reading

In this 60-minute Intuitive Tarot Reading Session, you will receive: ​

  • Channelled messages from Your Spirit Guides

  • Energetic healing from Source

  • Insights into all areas of your current life path's challenges

  • Empowering information to unveil potential opportunities

Book your Intuitive Tarot Reading to unlock your path to towards empowering transformation now!

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