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What is an Intuitive Tarot Card Reading?

It's a guiding tool offering you insights and clarity on you current situation, pinpointing what holds you back. The Tarot Cards will unveil both your inner world (attitude, beliefs, thoughts) and outer influences, providing a comprehensive view of your life. You will explore your inner self from a fresh perspective, illuminating pathways of boundless potential towards an aligned life. 


What can you expect the reading to be like?

My intention is to empower you with loving, positive, helpful and insightful information for you to be the master of your journey.


Unlike the traditional way of reading tarot cards, I will be using my intuitive skills to channel messages from Divine Beings from the Highest of Good. I am a psychic clairaudient (hearing), clairvoyant (seeing), clairsentient (sensing and feeling), and claircognizant (knowing).

The Tarot cards are used as tools to enhance comprehensive messages to you, which covers all areas of the your life. Questions can be asked at the end of the reading. 


How should you prepare yourself?

In order to receive full benefits from the reading, please come with an open-mind and open-heart, and grant me the permission to connect with your Highest Self & Your Spirit Guides.


The Divine Beings from the Highest of Good honors the Law of Free Will and the Law of Receiving. They need the permission of the person before coming in to help. Also, what you are open to, is also what you will receive. Therefore, give yourself permission to be open to receive!


Can you record the reading?

Yes, please feel free to do so yourself. Some messages may not make sense in the current time but may make sense on a future time. Referring to your recording can be helpful.


How often can you get a reading?

Typically, 1-2 months after the shared insights have been manifested in your experience. However, this timeline and potential outcome will depend on what actions you choose to take on your journey forward. 

Having multiple readings in a short span may lead to:

  1. Receiving repetitive messages you already know.

  2. Losing focus and feeling stuck due to reliance on external guidance and refusing to take responsible actions. 

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